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For More Power, Avoid Sliding Toward Target

Keep The Lead Hip Firm For A Solid SwingFor More Power, Avoid Sliding Toward Target One of the most prevalent issues that I see with my students is sliding the left, or lead hip (right-handed golfer) too far toward the target in the downswing. Most of us, when we first started playing the game, were […]

It’s getting hot out there!

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Postitive Outlook for the Golf Industry

While golf participation is stable, Tiger effect gives industry a boost As golf industry leaders gathered in the nation’s capital Wednesday, there were likely self-congratulatory messages, obligatory selfies and a celebration by those who see further proof that they continue to grow the game. But there should also be a moment of thanks to the […]

Try these things the next time you’re on the range

What you can learn from a Long Drive Champ As a former world long-drive champion, I often hear from regular golfers that they’ll never come close to being able to swing like me. Not true. You can. If you copy even a little of my technique, the ball is going to come off the face […]