GOLF CLUB OF SUMMERBROOKE is looking to partner with 20 businesses looking to trade FREE golf rounds or golf and pool memberships for your products and services.

If you have a product or service we want to partner up with you!

restaurants | plumbers | electricians | landscapers | day laborers | handyman | housekeepers | and more


Example:  Summerbrooke trades 20 rounds of golf (value of $40 each)

for a total of $800 for your $800 value of your services.

This is a WIN WIN and a perfect opportunity to trade for a free pool membership (value $650) or even a golf membership (value starting at $1500) for the owners, managers, employees of the business or even a great gift for some of your best customers or clients.

This is perfect for all types of businesses looking to grow value, employee and customer moral or great for business owners wanting to finally be a member of the fastest growing golf and pool club in Tallahassee, Golf Club at Summerbrooke.

Call Reagan Hobbs to discuss all options — 850-443-4663