If Club Management deems it in the best interest of the Club, it may reserve the use of the swimming facilities for exhibitions, special functions, or any other appropriate purpose.  No person may enter the swimming pool area except when the pool is open for use according to the posted schedule. Persons who use the pool in the absence of a lifeguard do so at their own risk.  Swimmers must leave the water upon request. Private parties must be arranged with the Club at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for appropriate staffing.


As a pool member, you can charge to your monthly account and your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month.  You may only have charging privileges if you have an active credit card on file.  We reserve the right to revoke your charging privileges if you are late on your bill unless you have an arrangement with the owner.  You may pay in cash or by a credit card for any food or incidentals if you choose not to charge to your monthly account.


Members and their immediate family (children under 21) may use the facility during operating hours.  All Members must verify membership and register their guests with pool staff. Guest fees will be charged for guests using the swimming pool area.  Limit of 5 guests per visit. $9 per guest or Member may pay $70 for 10 guest passes. Failure to register or to pay guest fees may result in loss of pool privileges and fines charged to the Member.  In the event you give out the pool code to a non-pool member so they may gain access to the pool, your pool membership will be revoked immediately without refund. 


(a) If your child is not potty trained, they MUST be in a swim diaper while they are in the pool area.  This is strictly enforced. If your child has an accident in the pool which causes the pool to temporarily close, there will be a chemical fee automatically billed to the membership.

(b) No child under the age of twelve (12) years may use the pool unless he or she is supervised by a parent or guardian.


(a) Persons are not permitted in the pool if they have a cold, cough, fever, infection of any kind, inflamed eye(s), skin rashes, or are wearing bandages.


(a) Running, wrestling, pushing, dunking, “rough-housing” and towel-snapping are not permitted anywhere in the pool area, including the restrooms.

(b) SQUIRT OR WATER GUNS of any kind, weights, and large inflatable floats are not permitted in the pool. 

(c) Glassware is not permitted anywhere in the pool area.  All trash is to be placed in the containers provided. No food is allowed to be consumed while in the pool.

(d) No street clothes (t-shirt, soccer shorts, jeans shorts, etc.) are allowed in the pool.

(e) No smoking on the pool deck


All persons using the swimming pool must abide by the pool safety rules as posted in the pool area.  The Golf Club at Summerbrooke is responsible for the enforcement of swimming pool rules and shall have authority to restrict persons from use of the facility for proper cause.


The pool manager, acting under the supervision of the Owners, has the responsibility for supervision and control of all matters relating to the swimming facilities.  The pool manager may refuse privileges to anyone who, in his or her judgment, violates the swimming pool rules.  


No outside food or beverage is allowed.  All food and beverage must be purchased on property.  


Please apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to entering the water to allow it to soak into your skin. Please shower off before entering the pool. With excessive sunscreen and body oils, it makes it extremely difficult to keep the water clear during the high populated times. Please do your part to help us with this issue.

Pool Rules & Regulations

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